How To Ask Your Wife To Go Counseling?

My marriage used to be fun, we are very fond of each other. We always do things together. We eat together, talk a lot, watched movie together and many more. It was an awesome stage of our married life. We are inseparable. We even waited for each other whenever one of us is coming for work. My wife would not eat until I came home from work. She never sleeps whenever I am late in gong home, she waits for me. It seems like all is perfect. A perfect wife and a perfect marriage.

Then our first born came, our daughter. We are so delighted welcoming the new member of our family.  Our attention shifted to our daughter. We understood each other because we have already a daughter that needs our full attention especially my wife’s. Then my second child was born. Our limited time for each other have never been so limited. We must juggle our time with our two kids and our each other’s work.

I felt us were already distant from each other. We barely talk to each other. We are focused on our work that when we get home we go straight to each other’s chores and never had a chance to ask each other’s day at work. My wife after getting home from work would also tend to our two children needs.

I know we must have time for each other, but how should we do it? We need professional help from MC, but where should we start? Those are the questions that I kept on asking on myself. How do I told her that we would go counseling? Would she be open to the idea of it? I ask myself. Well I should try if I do not want this marriage to go to waste.